Julian Bonilla

Goodbye Joyent, Hello Amazon

Joyent finally pulled the plug on TextDrive customers. I’ve been a long time customer of Joyent. I have to say, the original TextDrive had awesome customer service. I had never interacted with Joyent until earlier this year, when doing a routine WordPress upgrade, I discovered they had stopped upgrading PHP on my server.

I was stuck with an outdated WordPress instance and no way to apply security patches. I asked them to update PHP on my box, and got an email pointing me to a convoluted wiki about migrating to their new platform.

In August I got another email saying they were sunsetting the service on October 31, 2012. Then they changed their minds, and decieded to bring back TextDrive as a new company. By this time I decided I was moving on. So in keeping with tradition, here’s my guide on migrating from Wordpress to Octopress and hosting on Amazon S3.